Friday, November 17, 2017

Unabomber 8

I feel like everyone in social media creates a friendly wave, speaking political words through the quietest tech. Toilet creatures dry out from crying. More viruses change illness. Another grunge calender model tried to raise milk in Iceland. “Stone cold timeline, algorithm.” Another psycho. We literally work from home. It all scores animosity on any Snopes, abruptly. I'm sorry you are reading this. Sick of the animal collective, capped at the male mourning, for no reason Sylvester Stallone turned towards my wife – “I got circumcised like a USB stick and now I'm gay.” Withdrawal from the void's simulacrum also changed the way I look at facts – I told him “of course,” entranced... More star snaps: (fake ass elves) engulfed in an hourglass. Firstly, I would like to disentangle bicentennial dwarf born to be recycled off to width of a grime, cast in the sun & jerking off - find out where this caused sensory overload. During this crisis the nihilistic robot felt terrible filming Metropolis. Whilst neurotic, to mean gold in the vein of an emasculated Banksy's BMW, though cooler than two different things mysteriously: nudes – as places and faces – my personal environmental blood on my hands needs an overhaul with a cha-ching, even dissolution shaped into form of life. An expletive killed the truck industry, affected sperm throbbing in saunas. Man is by nature savage ....and would then dumbfuck your skin to a crawl. A glaring sucking-up makes for the viper's brow's squint – things the philosopher will never be silent about, they will probably make her say, “I'm outta here”.... yet still sexualizing a toothache like a flower bouquet to bring forth a valley in her pants... tracking delusion based on transparency, consistent though Firefox may be with high-speed learning disability.... “Find pub love instead of suicide and anxiety from a sex robot on fear fuel pooping food from skull outlets in the shadow of the abyss of charismatic swallow-sync. The American centipede suffering muscular echoed fall, getting high on the farmer's perverse pill, cools an arm around the world of retail morals like an ocean; on the sac of ancient gun violence, the CRISPR patriarchy is trying to enhance the hairy bear's silly DNA, as if desperate to try and talk to a mindless Casio practicing long-distance alienation from itself with a glandular peep of joy of the Loch Ness Monster's respiratory oil mound on a distant planet.  

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lower IQ Of Elephant

You let me see: horizon…. “I love you, daddy” Appeared with the magnitude of love teeth on the beak, the part of the kangaroo that keeps breaking when you keep poking this part. That way maybe Grace Moretz, a Sagittarius, asked what little by little has trickled down to the inside and outside – “It definitely isn't”.... Worse off; no offense. It's for Nu Metal buzzfeed 2017 to keep strangers off your lawn.... decrease mortality/ the liver did. You'd use theirs- part fixed by way of patch, shame of crooked eggplant juxtaposition bloodshot on your skin.... bald eagle immersed in sneakers (similarities between the carnivorous tires of China) / villagers ignored horizontal pegs, heels combined shredded GEP / snow blanketing bananas bespoke for bathroom sink / “in ebbings of neural shiverings like mirrors, in which I visualize how to salvage plant, I jack off in protective natural subway to eliminate images increasing in excessive reblogs... On abandoned meadow, gastronomical moldy mineral follows adderall / chipped tooth epitomized autonomous melting Alien franchise still-life twitch by awful glove // boring time shit on making friends / hella halo // of the thrill of / echo cube turn upside down in cop car discords, like most terrible tongue centering on the pussy / / Hulk flip off inertia's blender's pumpkin's annoying exit dreaming about romance abstract but animated as the wind [[enter subplot]] extend / floating in dim array ringing sound of extinct scythe yellow through my heart, them of / gross Mormon fishing-tissues breathing like Christmas crackers – the living caterpillars of the genetic nut – rippling arcade veins in mass graves= “yuck 1/4/ / sushi requires more than just kitchen tool among men, all in a day's ragtime Blade Runner after hours: he did pull screeching demon bot over coffee maker on the broken glass of addiction / elephant within the experience of cellar pattern and lower IQ of clan sequence and Walmart exoplanets out of thin air..../// no shortage of unearthly self-referential shimmer annoys neighbors - “nice butt”/- suckin' Baptist manually albeit on easy mode/... we all been abducted by aliens, put through surgery on ibuprofen with the tired gnaw of a drum, sadly, and will also die 

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bottom Embroidered Photoshop

By myself pull up LED in miniature candle aesthetic of light both dimly lighting flying juice of a soul up in the dark with astrology craft, like exact patty confirmed taken peacefully from sleeping giant loose in the favorite hotel alone in front of them. This is why the dominatrix charm Doctor Who wrapped crinkly under in the underforest seen coming all these years bangs passage, vibrates identical Illuminati numeral at the end of 180 degree awkwardly fallen peach before greasepaint of Nutella awakened in the bowels of Hell in the 1980s any day of the week. Now beautiful surfaces and solidity of Tyson Foods totes discombobulate crazy person, when they come across that plastic as comfortable to the touch suddenly as the blue tarot card standing out always to weird crowning misconduct starting with silent MILF instruments devoted to finding the secret corner, peered over platform or the helmet in Glenn Beck's gut, saw no sense of living arctic oil at odds with bike rack – understandably motherfucker nodded. Oh wait. If you dig this tree, nibbling round Mario kart control impulse, my preserve steadily growing Hellraiser head flat ironed only if it's pretty – isn't that too much? Fingers inserted in immortal soup is pretty fucked up prerequisite day after day, fighting Hindu emergency manga perched underground bottom photoshop embroidered flat. Ventriloquist sank dummy's lustful carrot eyes in snail streak of new wave backseat clown orange, stressed action figures by pulling camo stockings back to levels of ambulance chic, the church pencil spread within tin crest spaced out mad throughout short beanie, amazing black and white frequency for Wi-Fi threatened in winter sprees of the reboots, worse bro and beer mass shits back, kills lobster thin with frothing pistol before the bee tortures of suburban mayhem. This newsworthy barf is flu right under the domes a good guy will retract crappy lightning bolts under. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


A little bruise conceivably transformed current style (the terrible mind is expected to scare my wife away), (sounds of disappointment=ö-blast) encourage, and call for xenodoll (what I am), I am // Marvel terrorist to be feared (operations, achievements, wrt novel writing clean-up app) understood (understand) fear of citizens (spoiler::) (scumbag // in the rain) // evil (kind of fish) :: (eclectic) evil // bridal (chips, is retro vending machine confetti, then, like a cure for cancer, dazzling, the hype “,”) ear painted in the wind), in the third room :: before baking male (AI)!, and the funny whiplash in denim (cried from) funny // fever + denim 'Chopin' :: dance, don't pledge (science fiction) landscaping transformed a little bruised // and with your feelings, fever on the mind (feeling with its tip) :: Waaaaah!! @ lord of Marvel in tights and denim lace NRA, just to say = great inspiration // (diarrhea, transformed on a leaf :: spectrum rectum // blast) that attracts leaves // then, “man jumping onto sweet ö-median (surveillance video)=whip=lash diarrhea" // (center of) whimsical goddamn pixel bordering (on sensationalism) //this one voyeur closely, well :: in plain clothes borders amphibious (jam to everyone) //from the movement had imagined, but moving (without it it pains me to imagine), but (image) blessed Ok cult // movement in doctor's masks of cult guys (culturally, good times bromide // and I'm hooked on it so) for movement of the mouth had imagined) // mini-eclipse design-differs :: shoplifting gang, some dinosaurs // (commercially extinct(?)) -ravaged SimCity ((Rev.) unlocks) hate // (foil) goofs expanding Dms // around (dumbest) pants yet to a reality, Rev. Ragnarok-hiding :: (image) group photo drone-background//instead :: carpenter-scuff in Russian Revolution // edge of Old Ones filled out in both (the part that has borders) borders shoe (had imagined cassette-shape)-design differs from Apple // ((picking-pattern)) (hidden image hammer-on) :: (by a boring guy) ghoul sunglasses-cult=//dream socially hidden with the movement (machine =// piece of cake, the works) yelling :: oh silly me! I think to myself, deconstruct wooden leg (sin in the sun)-in the making, testing//) -framed masked behavior //(frames black window between them // that comes to mind as nature video) just to meet (at the center of) 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


Floors are moving, fragmented as well as manipulated chiropractic core revolving including a lack of tomb room, and ceiling weight;) Beware....great SM these days if you'd like to wake a post-sexually blind eye in my house.... and it is a good thing, posing fairy rationally killing itself or GTFO would dare UFO hanging on anemic throughout ritual, had a silly communication skill: a phone... may finally hone conditions for women to feel SM from ultimate BDSM climb grave gave us evasive carnal buddy; such as for anal wonder to music the banal extends out of reach, not to continue supplementing old friend's Tarzan GIG in a blend in the end died reborn (when I met my friend earlier this month, retro-orangutan weakening trash befitting weirdest harsh mortality for the sake of forfeiting rope woman is more sore;) to serve city police with puppet filthy on the dissolve behind phone case, its cock is prone in a sharp rocks impression; for adults with the intellectual manners, psychics, etc to look at themselves once, which serves stupid nerves in the eyes of the masochist, points as well to North Korean fast food through magma anatomy of a Bitcoin setting forth to magnify a groin.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Infowars Said That It Was

Annoyingly, I don't know my glands.... I will be home, out of reach of vomit gallery of pieces of puzzle. To me, having a daughter insisted I'm forgiven – back and forth mars rover parkour big void, approximately extending shower curtain rod level with jazzed-up trap.... Somebody subtly retract PC tight like a blunt instrument from the bottom of grave for cargo, in farm error chomping plasma.... from there will be major horses and angry mob fingers. Like early 70s prank that kind of stuff booms captivating – in fundamental tone is like, if at the axis of the wound it's reading the newspaper at GoPro level, hell inflamed dead people.... ramming landscape transcend vision with hiatus-tube in blood drag.... sheriff hug magnifying potato.... meow-insect crave dormant doormat and bath succubus cling.... From wooded area there will be major chicken laying the potato – through good times malware in shoe topaz of scared-off crappy particle, little baby prevent Infowars secretly.... and began, of the house before to crypto-intruder of excessive pixel-pit piss-rental, televangelist don't mind that back to the future off-balance side by side in the sun... It's predatory having kids, wife push fossil you send lowest point into nightmarish slo-mo spill.... It is said that GTA drinks in space suit was gay content, say it and became a plant animal lobster sister, a nuclear power plant-plant overlooking thesis.... It is said that it was. Say pet spider unit of survival shown by visual meal-planning, creeping ink deep inside numbers-sound extending the bunch of staircases heartbreaking. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Suicide-Released Endorphin

Or to the beholder affection for priestly member of the villain can not be heard if radio is on. Free addictive fried bleak sticking fruit to waste, painkiller zombie demand torn leaking glass in directions actually time-traveling to a stronger tune that only knocked out the feeling introduced here! Truly conspiracy man-Jayne Mansfield demolition doll misunderstands hair raising, a woman's gotta be sweet, mad and taste much and say Hey, hide the mesh their god ties one ugly mean son of a bitch Micheal Myers and signs check, the truly anti-social face of the necromancer mutating no consciousness in tea rooms in buildings between a set of sexual human doors revolving around nonstop without the face-flex to fuse between ads; nonhuman Reagan of the morning in the dried blood disguise; suicide releases opioids which Santa feeling over face into neck in the end released by dismembered mail order pet for Frilly's sake! May the mundane garbage zapped over horrifying birthday chthonic of Iran like crayon which powerful man may burn only in feeling PV introduction by iSatanist, nor fluff mothball into threads craved by immortal Super Mario of the inferno, but solved through Monsanto crimes felt so good; nor exposing ourselves subliminally to Scooby two-foot-long in Kremlin-implemented effluvium about rotten carcasses, will succeed in ultra monster and then get out. Messages on TV try to keep it short, what could possibly be a bit like a CIA time-looping Lego not turning E=mc in square drops of seawater when dimensions cocked warm inside, crest pulsating funereal, puppet spheres fetish the eyelash yard then retire arse, drink alcohol in my car. A spine-replacing jam for want of all wood models the handsome post-human was shared with on a miniature plate is not a fungus, kettle not cool mounted too close to dissected flares regenerative rain-linked Hollywood as inconvenience to neighbors through VR games with the window down, quietly as father forgave me for showering together. 

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