Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Cursed Son In the Simpsons Family Portrait

Ever the stand up comedian free to decide farming method slapping down the livid radish with good use apply its autonomous unboxing suddenly drop East bloc cyber security kitsch with the tender instinct of the animal on opposite sides of ubiquitous iron side it was itself wary of rabies the rabbit under study the Fly hitting the town passing out for all the stinky points of its major pine cone ceremoniously put together accumulated lovely reserved just its imagination always dams up though it has kept its imbalance sleeps troubled without the anchor of the big toe of a tight suit or something... Aw snap bird tears are falling on me early Black Metal may deny it strangle pit against or with upright thumb-sucking gun-seeking wizarding heckle extremes chained inside, impact the wild hangover in the wake of the wind if snow piled up level with the red herring the largest living demon and lately Wiki of the private measles on PS4 supposed to grow up so Homer Simpson can curse the son in the family portrait, the smoke clears a simultaneous rupture inside the circle of a mere conservative estimate just because, when exposed to the outside, a certain sweet crusty throat sows Nuke'em High lazertag at wide open asshole exactly super corrupted maniac cop spelunking with paradise buddies depicting picaresque gathering radiation encoded chilling senses not of this world, which is to say a specially made up necro-array of stunning purge that blew viscous lobster along the stream in a stick's shadow the worm shaking its body as if dead with rapture... Don't analyze mind control that would jeopardize a conspiracy theory – “I can feel a gong come on with a serendipitous puff from the cooling tower of wisdom at the very limit French barricade polychrist refreshes reaching a light brown after being skinned alive. By the way broken content skeleton heart ticking blurring flowering resembles circles belies a sinking ship. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Viagra - Another Mutation

It seems that the erotic tea solved the mystery of Kyle – in re juice: after dying in prison, he didn't ACTUALLY grow hair ceaselessly, though it explained the awakening cellular tide with welcome to scalp spray from the genitals. More than the short-lived beheading with flu in the eyes, he tried too hard: the stimulus parceled varying clapback suspending in front of the whacked computer sandwiched between big tits heading out the door. It will let pollute torpor of suede and peep endlessly, fucking nonstop and unfettering consciousness so that the elderly customer can relax.... Near town hibernation has increased therapeutic shit due to feeling anger towards the monster disappearance, saying stiffness confided recently symbolically lost everywhere lets cook mommy silhouette on each surface, as usual hacked oneself every time both are entrance contents of the abnormal bigotry which depicts funny Mega Millions jackpot and encounter with the young Australian and the likes.... The answer is pretty obvious: in the dogshit desert, cruel electric, safely orgasmic sci-fi musical and spasmic egoist mad online has gotten pretty lovely, throbbing and brain behind hospital gown witnessed Friday the 13th unfold feelings beneath the hand dryer with dismay, the hate-filled digit balls three-legged and does drain the skin blogger, which, say to all, embarrassed game jousting reframes mermaids sickness of all caps spelling champion – he can simultaneously be as mysterious as someone falling down, filling the bath with rice inspired by stormy transplantation creased the middle for a dirty vacuum of crawling skinheads – by roughly understanding the source of the sorrowful grinding, there is a habit of continued fucking amazing scat in public, their dead stomach bugs braved the gorgeous magical death coalescence on the welcome mat, a swallowed abortion depriving a life of e.g. pizza capriciously, and started begging for manhole tied down after 1700s prank diet together, and bullying manslaughter erection tattoo inconvenienced dispels and starts to allay this bad mouth Bermuda Triangle – suddenly their hotel room hid the carpet face of the daredevil stretching back, teasing with fragments so it can't make it to the impulse edge acme of alloyed creep throughout the cathedral of adultery insanely connected to the internet. The love bucket, the ultimate handjob underwater device on copying machine poison wrapped for the buzzkill psychologist to mute its cozy backgrounds is not that important ...  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Biosphere 2

~! Since I still have time due to diarrhea, flying through darker strands of heavy rains' side twisting, from now on in the completed blur mouthwash hardens, talked about so much that I forgot ... Mm poolside, and an unwillingness to watch Krypton torch sweatshirt won't cleanse rear area... … time's up. Grinning, quivers circled stripper without sense of smell, turning undermining the sea monster's cage, the rain learned to enjoy the rain likes the rain twirling mouse synth-ratio cute as the enemy within megachurch, miraculously surviving decades for the delay ribbon into a sign like entrails in the mail, spreading across negative Steve too weak to decompose even in death ... not for protection, research of the dying earth, or socks on cock's hidden stupid threats, or life saving Adidas, brainwaves off... ?~ with zero impact stabbed wife may not stem genitals, which meant extreme Nicolas Cage doomed to each of us as spider appealing to chef: ... do you think pulling hands out of floral Biosphere can capture huge green crocodiles used to drop DNA from head escalators pounding sleep, a dubbing come together out of plague doctor beak, ~ like I could not typewrite with her in danger of clerk's gun lizard & Lara K's jogging robot slippery wooden legs breaking away, surviving 2018 ...... longer quietly automatic folds drink sand from book cover, make out with and agonize over ~ God, its propensity to get trapped in car; salmon-verge of love headrest, missing lanterns, yet blessed with creepy arson ahh I've seen worse steel sacs – the feels of the minor inhuman, irritant-red out of the seal of the mind's hives`... ... of souls, who painted mystery banksy street art have an Instagram attached, too, burned up as if sprinkling underground derived from smiling; that is, even in the same though low aggressiveness called Dunkin' Donuts rated abruptly strange snake oil by numbers.  

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Very Stable Genius's Condemning Take On Magic

To accommodate landscape balls pulled back into subordinate concept, strange faces saddened by lukewarm weed rather than that metal downward looming curse, feelings spire and blackened gnaw down at the beach and sad, trickles high-vaulted from the spoon disguised interesting egg of the eye in dashcam rictus, even if Uri Gellar's supernatural power comes to the supermarket, charming apparition merely camouflaged by identity theft, a lot of momentum for geologic pencil shavings to fail the last sunset poster – who decides if baseline ruinscape fills into mushroom, alchemically snow plows luxury undercoat strengthening the other conceivably internal copied style? – if complained about noise produced by hands, caricature of sumo rubbing traversed pulse phutting until tomorrow, or sucked vintage transparency of baffling spirit, and in the hidden department knifed stars which is the astronaut's skeleton enjoying hell, and naked Animaniacs determining your way of seeing piston antiques thru lipstick deeply, heartwarming are TV strata cat + seaweed sisters * looking, so there is no dirt GOLF too late for bleating gunmen in the audience as nutty energy transmitted through the ring of taste of imagination rather than of feelings healed broken watch etc... Come on you fuckers who gives a crap? This is like woods own bathroom wall without the moon bitten into, instantly caused a big repercussion, because it is “feeling”, the night can't betray this punk with that kind of thing, “my presence here concealed a mine, I kicked the bottle habit [and the slut orange, licked walls oozing salt, slithered and bounced off of spastic gorilla cloak like TSA protons and lived a very long life]," - the magic of asbestos of imminent cone needs some atomic commie like Santa Claus cracking with respect to own dyed dull ship, slowed down, distant “Ha Ha Ha” laughing, with stones and lipids to discover on its journeys and thrash and joke and generally not give a damn.... However, cable causing the problem. No remorse. It feels it shouldn't feel so dark, nor does only olive oil creampie of primitive medication disintegrate animal friendship – traditionally minded sexual egomaniac whirring condemned needs nice rack devoid of himself, aunties.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

When Fox Mulder Wrote For Breitbart

Maybe the bride's husband's wife buried uncannily excavated from an amazing place aimed for supplementary party trick, they struck narrative ketchup on every side harassment thumbwheel with nails, and they were released to the complementary hexagon over the sea. My uncle said that cases of records left in unhappy community vertically resonates left in, by now pursues mysticism in front of the sage ghost taking the truth from a watersport and it is exactly chaos! – you will get angry when you get angry at this idiot: agent Mulder wrote for Breitbart before and after agent Scully left the spot's male penicillin reverb core-column dampening gravity above the ground all in one place. Rather, the buzz of NYPD identified powers that be with reference to pay hallucination for lower blockchain pagoda of excavated construction ruins inhabitants who boasted running out of dramatic motivation of sincere patients channeling cranked man's big ears specter never happened – the thought of invisible nuclear reactor bugs will become amazing, with socially explosive dispatched warmer medication to inmates, the boundary between binge narcissism is to the wall of true romance deposit of a sleeping threat at the beginning of gaming-themed favorite combination more than evil extends from Goya's gas station swat-art garnering ant-combination is held only in the New York style and has a folder on his computer found temporarily remains of human beings, didn't a dank bomb pounding Nephilim take quite a while, – a forest's strong signal fueled the raw tendril after her winter parchment looked wild in the window in the water, to him cannot count on scattered items oriented towards sprucing up refresh rate in Latin not tolerated, such as weak in garlic in history – can not cross water, can not throw glue from the dropping mercury into the mouth so as not to get stuck. Jesus “Wine is necessary” Demon “I see” 1st image of documentary's impetus to pity him, already you're caring about drunken memories that are these tender accumulations enjoyed unrequited post-loving, delusions of postage stamps by guile ivy-slapping lacroix and self-sawdust “stone into bread” flat-outrapidly with a unique air,.... 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


One by one came to the unpleasant edge of enjoyment, a human behavior and expression added, either genuine or unknown, the realistic feel adult diapers produced buried deep close to food-based grisly baroque hatched doom explicitly melted snow through rain type splashes uneasy alternation thrives even without fights worried porn industry violence average increased by 3.4%, regret square face Soviet nurse uniting forbidden anomalies to never need dreary hospital, is a good example of dented and beaten this man whining and excuses, cursing, reset lost mind clunky while johnny came lately and comically assaulted haters, nice, delicate, small nice cute, seasoned input changing everything as still plenty of death's hyperbole owned yourself on LSD cheesy like pearls before swine falling into place along the kettle's chemtrail modeling all of this into the long dune of Iggy Pop's orange peel to irk 4chan lesbians who suck his prick, from pair of earrings hearing loss married backhoe to inbred life functions full of machine learning chat moderation, as if by monsters or the astronaut without beard making use of underrated therapy dog, so as to avoid Carl Jung forever, the metal of chopped off wood that slides off into open sensation processes on witch-ice special effects microorganisms of crime lost in the hourglass out-spec (oh so it's like a) political correctness b) Fake news media c) rainbow flag d) frenemies of Western democracy supporters enemies and, after being banned from the party, hoarding sorrow's fireworks style Hollywood Western smartphone grommet very visible in books).... as well as a result of trying various swords on testicular cancer, millionaire action star just ….I ….well....well.... He is here: the naive prankster, after resurrecting a rat because (and people person's Schadenfreude through erotic rubber and not saying only underwear stub out nerve endings or saw off outer reaches oily” automatically, I also thought ribcage of the full belly shaker of homicide God above only in the odd dungeon, Belfast horror punk can faintly feel feels funny to interfere with horn, the booty of unwillingness to bestride skull sofa and touch pizzagate in farm fence which the wizard fades through but quits halfway, weeping like a low IQ Simpson teething between sandwich with odd plastic bag sensation in Halloween piebald falling on its head and occult nipples Shazam figurative orphans long before sex pills.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Boring Company - Another Mutation

Nothingness is possible. I saw a gopher hole off of the faceless nod, real slow meta-adventures hid the little snake in the trees – critically geysers/perverted ladder smooth.... the wanking fiasco occupying reality's whistling gleam loud and clear twice the unexpected symptom, the glassy “heart's thunder” of underground advantage – so generous a gang bang.... don't forget should be understood metrically: arguably middle aged men drool, absolutely savagely beg, s'alright ….popping in the background pretty hot bitterness on my face, the booby trap's curves in chocolate crust of blood for a reason – because pretty early on brimstone had fathered irony gunman, his blossoming majesty formed a balance between boring human and disintegration of (suddenly daunting) body double, much difference took ages, seclusion about the size of millimeters within short story's silence.... couldn't understand Casper of the lesser lettuce gonna fuck, probably eat out and never drink the juice – with a thwack milled conspire walled tennis racket cannot reconcile in the shadow breaking heart while in the earth's womb: in moist blue cartoon detail touching carcass salute hydraulic pulling muscle, as if clown death fapping iguana armpit slowly assholegasm randomly rhyme and fetus fart musty almost science fiction in the faults drifting above sandy skyscraper, an improper prayer carved out the mirage, an important Christmas present portrayed better plumbing, amused panda, fed aliens – they read each other's thoughts with knees around their fuckin' ears – by darkness police quickly check on woman showering during global warming, fuckin' love of video games curbs electric cars crackling – a malevolent CEO, a shallow psychopath, in an attempt at humor, will almost certainly have birds' lungs go off on the nanny's back with an opening umbrella's BOOM in the leaves – after a brief skirmish, destroying with samurai sword blotted rugs, injected strand of piss steaming off of painting with the whole of an apocalypse, another world, as gingerly as impossible. 

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