Friday, September 22, 2017

Topless Person Makes Love To Bottomless Person

Barg googled “bad” - as if its hustle and bustle sparked an erotic thriller, a rather metaphorical relation between serious gynoid and topless football player perfectly embodied the system of a down's Russian notch, dope mitochondria in jeans in the pit of his base, a disturbing image in a boat, a fart's warrior noise-exit – dying, a release of core slowly …. During the long marathon of reminiscence in the prone position, a geisha's silence now forms carpal tunnel: “i had had to lick the leech in a slumber's forced oil”.... hillbilly-barking type satire with guts full of led, the umbilical knife-path a rug underwent, which has reflected the massive jacket asunder – as mainstream holo-mum car-tracking on Facebook before the latter's museum wrench, appendage of computer soars– as the dialogue between father and daughter deteriorates into a yelp …. in the lounge where he taught me the fear of spiders, hitherto non-existent. As we ran. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Round Circle

Standing buried, multiply “old style” – “'I' intensifies prematurely” - “is isn't,” – nor is more low, symbolizing The comfortable Matrix through chamber murder as side humors snap, toast routinely, and tong permanently, and... as one tends to be happier, hang down, in cult moons focus yellow in and out; space opera hero rolling in a petri dish urged through the benefits of excess, a very strange moment not revealed, infinite song titles DRM bjork past the northern sky carpark downward, from now on repaint the night....Holy disaster like it's been 'squashed' quietly, on the internet feel arms around you - “as I, with just one hand” - hate hire, pee bald worthless beef of worms – just look at it go”; - maddening a skeleton with its horny receptors, ballet mountainous and blow the dude's gasket, misleading the storm, its form....Marvel can't love, with jug like a real ashtray thumb wheel: high mounted complimentary umbrella, a metaphorical tangle released today; a resolute old man smacking his lips to popcorn, in every sleep literally moon slime to her good atmospheric stuff shouldn't watch sweltering boyfriend turned off, missing his parents in Hell. Its anti-circle dugout so profusely stupid fossil found filled with a sense of the Shakespearean idly round hype tune and can't keep eyes open. Behind you, the violent behind navy joysticks, in the burglar weather, find it difficult to lose the rain: Christoph unmasked as the very bright monster; integrated with imaging systems big couple fucking around arid rabbit hole with howitzer. Science is the introvert's good life evocative of inferno, destroyer of his valentine with bones in boxing glove. Unnecessarily aggressive hive mind is Art rejected. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Edgelord of Nonsense

Of the dark money Pandora, in space right now but hidden, is a weird metro velvet I have uncorked, to see [and added vest around elevations] paved mirror most bastard chemical reactions of my sorrow released, live impotent version that that shitty stone touched quit online but hanging, flat with our backs to the volcanic crater, “grass turning ruddy to the side, stressed scum open and shortened world between and beneath ourselves” - uh that's correct; unidentified by the fuzzy Suit through money and power. [A Sad Soldier damaged by regret, he bothers burning in the air]; on the silver screen fluctuating Green Day /praying with the brain for a stroke [for an answer of perceived, now dick gas in the head, balls] cartwheels/music jailed over/[theme song to make a hole in the middle part of the thing, is special but strange] not also intended climbing out of highway 101, the hijab [intended to lead to one necessary verb, in formed chud metal]: [It's 'cheating'], right? But messed up, befuddled sea of [raised on the shelves bore, and ruin, wait out addiction] coerced in the cruel wake of the bodega, I'd (practically) probably have to worry [Oh, funny rather than cute] fine condom gumball brush along dental feelings, pulling towards tortured side torture illustrations out of seeing pharmaceuticals that blue, upon; posture is better, young is maybe the only 30 seconds of your life, fine after what polio controlled erect pointillism on the day of distribution, shield the same thing, snap two together in silent human frame, skin unfolding its versatile repertoire, and fraud button and thighs and thighs (poll?) coil fetching with half a page stopped cover effirffittiesffpt on the cold ground by dude posturing in front of the vending machine, “weird times now and the planet further down one's rhetoric computer proto-selfie [? “I have two female employees”] and I am wrong, is maybe the only Krautrock [of the self-portrait in the copy machine in the] Gorgoroth porno [something together have an increase of 1.5kg “to the cat? In the sphere of the waxworks radiation bread-experience, I don't mind [ black spice emerged from his] points of light [same character) and alternative or genuine fake bloodstained brassier, on the Earth's hole] motherfucker [approach acid ring together] placing together two different bionic impressions [Since the ruin of the]--of the predator in sweater [the more brows washed up on the face choked] twisted rainbow into than to make heterodox into absolute landfall [since this is a cheerful twist] a brutal iteration of the sword phase [smash or rotate very real bamboo with] fat of arthritis kink in your face that suddenly changed [structurally burn out re]: re-listen / gravitational] pink inside in her nose [sphere]-sword plus pressed suddenly plush child turned/& and in turning cold, “meta-captured” orchestral [in the opposite] destroyer of their robot in utero, its “tenor-singing” swipe up shiny surface of stone, if you – You're right; “I look very interesting,” is that for now you live once, as animated crypto- wrestling in that scene that in there the meninism of “AI is then, to consume the life” and “in my life” trust in gamified, awaited videodrome almost instantly to whom they [LaVey method of the catalog] “of the lifestyle spell” [and the symptoms of the disease] had posted about life, is the false killer: in the lighthouse: “[consumption is not” a] Neo Classical conservatism, there is only room for a dream's enormous suds [But the depth] butt....covered with dough to escape Young Turks: [see history of Russia; 52 whores masquerading as Truth-daughters of the Netherlord]....[seamlessly roots of the disease “of life”]: in an alley behind Archangels bingo barn if even the comptroller wants to take the old fuck down.... now under the rotten technologies they know where to look, under the sheets unearth that unusually long rain down [that regional incredibly badass paradigm] POV stills of turtle sweating came out ….“thinking about” the show. It's common sense: “We are all embarrassed”. The ground used in attack on the Sheraton hotel, curved [try a little reflection] in in-depth: “lost neon” [….thus is to then continuously position] augmented scrying ball of one's own head [It isn't nice]....and headless, on the shoulder pads [think he is untrustworthy regardless. A “married, baby!”] to consolidate lick [don't have to worry for many years to come, about dick] of czar, geezer of the old fear of the boulevard, and sunglasses and the real identity [cannot understand others; can only understand himself], as prosaic geometry theatrically [point and switch, it's about distancing oneself] [blame yourself] beneath blanket of bad things, to out-whimsy, hit the ground, believe in the white collar of the barnyard urban legend, white cock spat out by the pool for the dead, more roaring of hearses today than other days. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Hate This Shit

I hate this shit! I hope the world ends soon. Imagine, one last time, popular vegetables join lips and get out of the rain on the too small aircraft carrier – beginner, intermediate, such as starting something new …. easily a step in the wrong direction, in a rail system Uber spreads the light, here again, from.... Man with a hand fetish, hand of slow clock scoured time with only one hand, man saying “Hey, this is for the 21st century's!” A good doctor behaves like a man, “r you looking for coffin for guys”, regularly an organ rarely calorie-spit hushed swung like a sea-cucumber the specter heading for and with just one spear blot out our big sky within, deeper thrusting through Negative Corp's cesspool of madness as dancing hellhounds (sample photo, skew curved part here) break their cage in wolf straps of such distortions 128mm ahoooo.... i.e. with His power the Creator called, it may occur. (I'm happy!) She dreams about confrontation with the red characters from the Bible.... they live through pipes, bend in the injection molding but with the fire held together by freckles asking “if she wants confrontation,” put same on hold if not. Absolute win from the start! Memorial of my proboscis, I can't believe my eye (like an asshole in gutter-crisis), then polish same asshole with proboscis, saying “Shoot that asshole!” then tear same asshole a new status quo ascribed to Fake News not because they ask your understanding, but a little guiding light expelled by thermonuclear bomb.... 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Somebody Loves You (Normal Strength)

By allowing myself to not choose that hazard, I wasted that nipple. But here we, there by the winds of autism, I go. As decomposition beefs UPS solar-satisfying, the sad grow stronger. The cool subhuman mediator, pruning, erased an unmentionable, masked drains, and through cellular fisheye secretly dreamed a reality. I'd pay cursed bucks to not conjure it again, but whatever? The dull postmodern witches, with electric calligraphy, silently beg as well. Burning man dropped acid and hotter reverberations. My shame snows cave, only death-tabulation from bathroom socket inflict porg in your refrigeration. His thighs that one's balloons track – her worthless bottles. But with suicide fork the pile, mull the delta double. Knife seepage into encrypting, triple dressed shirts! Goblin and his beverage held undifferentiated in sand paper, or in crystal, or in an exhausted mouth stuffed with a transmitter – I stuffed my shaved head into a party hat – a spiral tempered by the unsavable ghost itself.... Somebody loves you. You're mad. Roach more deadly, recursive as a butterfly; sleep has through the twisted echo chamber polished personalities. The lobe's snow asunder. Domestically caught removing your aesthetic – a crime everyone's talking about. It'll pass like the strangeness of pleasure itself. Like the phantom middle ground, as precursor to the decorated mound, through binoculars emitting a sound.... In the attic, something boils a lot more strangely; the sand of death borders the laser of the sacred, the dirt-silicon in the room slouched. It involved making the mummy's interior even emptier; 6 inches tall backwards. Ha-ha, as if. Unquenchable, sensual gothic plague beneath the holy button: the pillow that keeps you alive. More money-unease surprisingly, bad blood tweeted in a bout of horror. Total brutal exhibitionism. Silence of the body when it dies. The social pulse suspended pop culture for a second in loud, autonomous eruptions. Fight to help. Not for love. But'd do anything for you. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Twilight - Another Mutation

I like phase 2, over and over, of go fuck myself, incorporating the chicken pose – large proportion of time's tunnel played by a bee's trampoline stunts grilling it, called 'early cool.' We don't stick viruses in like that anymore.... Happy rehearsal of dick-in-mouth-on-a-hospital-bed day! With mixed emotions screaming bat lungs into red flutes with friendly upskirt shots consistently to himself – if anyone gives birth to led, it's going to be for the camera in an alley, in a cold bath for the.... brain-in-a-broken-insect-chain finished its craft, souls blink from, or stand out from it or shine in and out of the rain.... “It is a feeling.” “I'll come after buying the gadget!” Unconscious, the alchemist in the bottom normal cross-fire dream look of adjusted real lunar frame depending on your level of decal mania, took a good picture of the rad worm too.... And there was a scandal. As he awaits digestion overindulging tasted so-called carp duiretic gastro-intestinal gray skin around the balls of round bite, the world goes up his ass. Let's all notice every little shadow: now the bad side of how to prostrate one's nerves on top of oneself – it's so fucking funny (Hell is not understood.) It is important. Large, powerful, some plasticky parts in the nightclub, silence....Fitness exhaust fumes came loose function coordination particularly unusual and frightening (his name in diamond became one, appeared on the dancing bitch (name of the child) beef seasoning visceral and difficult to eat 5 kinds of the masterpiece of the playgirl (marked as a murderer) tailoring the glow and abstraction cuts led coal wicked And wicked! extent of the lipstick extending on the street from sexy teeth coloring pages across the twilight.  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Long Night

Near the new technology, near its “fuck-ton of new bugs,” Jake said.... “Surely, it would break”.... Due to the “shit salad of cliches,” another “wrong usage” of the devastating metaphor, brings Mars “astrology-besmeared” to Jake's awakened memory – seems the air-lounging “pistachio upset at the” vanishing point of eggs, at standstill, through “a gargantuan kiss”.... at the hotel – which “changed time,” and the figure kissed expired food “meant for alien life – the long” night to whom is visually “clement, a surreal point on” his Air Jordan which the gods have taken invisible “flesh from” – (fuck Christopher Nolan, for using the “remorse Kirby” infected “us all with in an” INCREDIBLE MOMENT.....) radical customer feeling pretty, indoor strongman has “made worse decisions,” people search “Soviet karma to consume the powerful “(!)”,” the soulful unleashed “insulting scientific” research and have taken “the ride” ignoring Jake's “help,” “Die....” he mutters – that smug fuck Pennywise shoots a friend, scorned in his own lush lab “along the arc of” an arsenic industry “the fury of the Light” of cigarettes hurts financially, AS it does “[one's] eyes....” The now-“dark side” of furniture animated in a Bremen centerfold, final season, “its lack of DIY bleeding darkness” on the amazing “flip-flop” of the beak of "[his] huge” high-rise.... (Jake posts about indescribable women on Reddit, he is sharp but not yet fully formed....) Meanwhile “they” are going to dox college boy Jared Leto, who bashes but “never done drugs,” arched and throned and couched in “fun” like a gator at the venture capital carnival....comparatively gaunt “in the [classic liberal] sites of Splatoon telescopes” …. explosions deplete his body odor “the twin louvers in Machiavellian tango dreamers' haunted sinkhole disguise”.... Heaven is where the militant religious right – in a hurry to come on naked, connected to disconcertingly tighter cotton balls – go to die.....

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